Viddyad for Enterprise

Dynamic Video Content Creation, Distribution & Publishing
Put the power of video to work for your business

1. All Content all In One place

Centrally manage and customize all your brand assets directly from your dashboard. Connect your DAMS directly to our platform via our powerful API and pull all your brand content onto our database. With access to over 80m+ rights cleared clips and images along with over 1000+ rights cleared music tracks, you can now easily marry brand content & UGC with our stock content to amplify and create faster and more dynamic video content on the fly.

2. Intuitive, Powerful Content Creation Studio

With Viddyad, you now have access to the world’s most user friendly video creation tool. We have made it so easy that all videos are beautiful by default. With no previous creative or technical experience required, now any team within your company can access and create fast, professional video content on the fly. Allow teams to create videos from scratch, or, create rules driven templates to distribute to any team across the globe, in any language, allowing them to autonomousy edit, personalise and tailor video content to their own market without compromising the brand.

3. Powerful, Scalable Video & Channel Optimization Technology

Find your most engaging content. Test and optimize different variations of text, images, music, clips and call to actions within a video with a click of a button to find the most engaging combination of video content for your brand before investing into a video advertising campaign.

Find the channel with gives your brand the highest ROI – Our technology crunches big video files into fast-loading clips that change size and shape based on what the advertiser wants – essentially letting brands experiment with formats like autoplay for Facebook and vertical-oriented ads for Snapchat before investing heavily in the platforms themselves.

4. Programmatic Personalization

Viddyad is powering volume, flexibility and rapid scaling for brands globally with personalized video content creation services to accelerate time to market. From a single video, Viddyad’s patented technology (using 1st and/or 3rd party data points) can recreate and distribute multiple versions of videos that stay true to the tone and messaging of the brand.

5. Multi-channel Distribution

Centrally distribute video content directly from your branded enterprise platform across all video content and social media channels. Video content is centrally created, controlled and customized for rapid distribution to different target audiences in multiple languages, publisher sites and social media platforms. This leads to increased engagement from consumers that generate and accelerate trackable and traceable conversion rates and increased revenues.

6. Measurement & Insights

Viddyad goes beyond a unique video ad production platform by offering the ability to distribute video ads online via ad campaigns that are fully traceable, trackable and measurable. Viewer actions, engagement and behaviors are dynamically tracked and analyzed by platform in real time, allowing you to continually improve and optimize your video content so your brand is always distributing the most relevant and engaging content.

Viddyad has already helped thousands of businesses around the world engage their customers and tell their story through video. See how Viddyad can help your business
Fashion & Beauty
Acquire new customers and drive repeat purchases with highly targeted video ads
Events & PR
Harness the power of video to promote and raise awareness for your events
Engage the new generation of financial customers through your digital channels
Real Estate
Boost your real estate listings with video and drive more enquiries
Digital Signage
Enable advertisers to run dynamic real-time targeted ad campaigns on your digital signage
Auto Trader
Differentiate your dealership by attaching video to every vehicle listing on your website
45% of leisure travellers have made a booking after watching a travel video online
Create informative recruitment videos to use across job listings and social media
Create videos for your clients with Viddyad’s affordable, white-label, agency software

Powerful Enterprise Features

With literally hundreds of customisable options, including fonts, transitions and effects, every video can be made look unique and reflect your company brand. Here’s just a few.


Choose from a range of fully
rights cleared music tracks


Upload any of your own
clips, images, logos and voiceovers


Choose from 15, 30 and 60
second video ads


Include your CTA to catch
your target audience’s attention


Add stunning effects and
animations to your clips and images


It’s easy to upload voiceover
and add to your video ad


Customize your videos with our 
sophisticated text editor


Share your video on social media,
or add to your website or blog


Personalize your video with your
own company brand