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Create video ads in minutes
Viddyad for Auto Traders
Stand out from the crowd
The vehicle trade is big business, and we know you have a lot of competitors. Ever wonder how you can make it so you can stand out from the crowd? Images are great, but do they really get the best message across to your potential customers?
Give your customer insight
With a video you can really get across how great a car looks in real life, and give your potential customer an insight into their purchase before they even see it. Vehicle buyers are 20% more likely to click on a vehicle listing with a video
Making a video with Viddyad is simple
Don’t get too technical, you can easily record a great quality video on your phone. Upload your own clips or images and make video ranging from 15 seconds to one minute. You could even use our library, of free and premium stock images and clips, to make a really slick video.
The Numbers don't lie
Video Sells
Customers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video ad
Conversions increase by 80% when your landing page utilises video
Your customers retain 90% more information when watching video
Create video ads in minutes
Viddyad for Auto Traders