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Viddyad for Finance
In the finance world, trust is everything.
That’s why we’ve created a platform for you to develop your own introduction videos so clients and potential clients can get to know your consultants on a personal level prior to solidifying a professional relationship.
Professional intro videos in minutes
With Viddyad, you can create introduction videos in minutes using our expertly-crafted video templates or start from scratch with your own structure and design. These videos establish who your consultants are, their backgrounds and qualifications, their former clients and expertise.
You’re not like any other company. Your consultants aren’t like any other consultants.
Show your clients this by using video ads to produce quality, personable content to strengthen relationships and build trust.
The Numbers don't lie
Video Sells
Customers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video ad
Conversions increase by 80% when your landing page utilises video
Your customers retain 90% more information when watching video
Create video ads in minutes
Viddyad for Finance