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Create video ads in minutes
Viddyad for Recruitment
Stand out from the crowd
Recruiting that perfect candidate already has lots of challenges, so take the stress out of attracting the right candidate by using video for your recruitment ads. Introduce the company, have employees talk about how great it is to work there, answer questions job seekers may have and much more.
Give your customer insight
Using video will open doors for where you can post your ad. Have you considered using social media? 76% of job seekers are likely to use social media when looking for a job, so why not post a recruitment video on your social channels and catch the eye of your next team member. Job posts with a recruitment video get 36% more applications over those that don’t.
Making a video with Viddyad is simple
So what’s your next step? Easy. With Viddyad you can create a recruitment video online. You can choose from one of our pre made templates, or create your own video from scratch. Upload your own images and clips, or choose from extensive library of free and premium stock footage. Within a few clicks of your mouse you’ll have the perfect video to attract your next hire.
The Numbers don't lie
Video Sells
Customers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video ad
Conversions increase by 80% when your landing page utilises video
Your customers retain 90% more information when watching video
Create video ads in minutes
Viddyad for Recruitment