Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save my video for later?

Of course – simply click the save or buy icon and your video will be saved in your account. Videos are also autosaved, so you won’t lose your work even if you forget to save.

Visit the My Videos page to edit, view or share your saved video ads at any time.

How do I see my full preview video?

Click the preview button under the video player on the right side of the editor and your video will be generated. The process can take up to 60 seconds, depending on the complexity of your video.

Our preview video ads will have a watermark and lower resolution than our premium videos. This is just to give you an idea of what the video will look like with your text, music, images and videos. The premium version provides higher resolution, better quality and no watermarks!

How do I search for images or clips?

Within the editor, click on the add Image (or Clip) button on the left, then click on the new image or clip where it says “Click here to select Image” or “Click here to select Clip”.

A popup will open up and from here, you can search by keyword or choose from a list of industries.

To search for new content on an existing image or clip, click the Change Image (or Change Clip) icon.

How do I change an image or clip?

Click the Change Image or Change Clip button on the preview image for that image/clip.

The image or clip popup will appear and from here you can search for new clips and images, choose from your favorites or upload your own content.

To remove an image or clip, just click the X in the top right corner.

How many images and clips can I use?

You can add as many images or clips as you like – use the premium search, free library or upload your own content and try to find the right mix for your video.

Add new images and videos in the editor by clicking the Image or Clip buttons on the left side of the page. Premium images and clips cost an extra fee, but free content and your own uploads have no extra fee.

Can I upload my own images and video clips?

Yes! In the video editor, click the Add Image or Clip button to add a new image or clip to your ad.

Next, open the popup for your image/clip by clicking where it says “Click here to select Image/Clip”.

From here, open the “Upload Image”/”Upload Clip” tab and then drag content from your desktop or click to open the file browser and choose a file. Images can be cropped to the area you like. Click to upload when ready.
Images will be added to your video immediately and will also be available in your account under the “My Images” tab. Clips take a little while to process, then become available under “My Clips” to add to your video.

Note: You must own all the necessary rights to any images or clips used in your video. We take no responsibility for for your use of copyright material you upload directly, you should check the terms and conditions if you are unclear.

How do I change the length of my video?

You can change the length/duration of your video using the package slider at the top of the page. Move the slider left or right to change your duration from the default.

Choose from a number of different video lengths. Short videos tend to be more effective on social media, longer ones can work better on TV. Pick the right timing for the type of ad you want to create.

Choosing how you want to create your video

With Viddyad, you can create videos for your business using templates.

pasted-image-at-2016_10_06-05_15-pmExpress (templates)

This is for people who are interested in a quick and easy way to create video ads.

With the Express option:

  • you choose from a variety of expertly crafted templates 
  • you don’t have to structure the ad yourself
  • the templates are strategically designed to make your video ad successful

All you have to do is choose an example video and replace the text and clips/images with your own to customize your video ad to match your company’s message. All videos are 15 seconds.



How do I create a video?

When creating a video using one of Viddyad’s expertly-made templates, all content is interchangeable. This means that you can swap out clips and images in any of the videos on the website with your own uploaded content. Alternatively, you can search through our database of over 80m+ stock clips/images to find the content that best suits your business.

I’ll show you how:

1. Select a template.

In the example below, I have chosen ‘Pursuit.’


2. Select one of the tiles.


3. Select ‘Replace Clip.’


4. Select Premium and search for clips/images.

Here, as an example, I have searched ‘Chiropractor.’


5. Preview each clip and add it to the video.



Now you have a brand new video ad with different clips and images to match your creative vision! Be sure to purchase your video and start sharing it with your customer so that you can maximize your company’s reach and impact.pasted-image-at-2016_10_06-05_21-pm-2


To collaborate with your coworkers:

Simply create a generic password and share it with your team. That way, everyone will be able to log into the Viddyad account and work on the video!

How do I add a YouTube video?

So, you’ve found a clip on YouTube that would be perfect for your video advertisement. Now how do you import it into the Viddyad editor? Here are a few steps to help you:

1. Go to your desired video on YouTube and copy the URL.

As an example, I’ve decided to download ‘How to Make Video Ad with Viddyad?’ from Viddyad’s YouTube account. To begin, I’ve copied the URL.

2. Select a third party website to convert the video into a downloadable format.

There are many different sites that you can use to download a YouTube video. Simply run a search on Google, select a site, and follow their directions.

3. Once you have a MP4 or other appropriate file format, click the large orange plus button and add the ‘Clip’.

4. Upload your clip. Once it has imported, click on the video to preview.


5. After previewing, click ‘Add Clip’.

And now, congratulations! The YouTube clip has been added to your video ad. Now you can customize it and the other videos or images in your ad  however you want.

For more information on how to change video lengths and create your full video ad, check out some of our other FAQs: